Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Sabbatical

I realized the other day how long it has been since we last posted an entry on our blog.  Our sabbatical was for good reason though.  Zack finished school and we moved up to Idaho to live with his parents until he enters active duty in December.  Although we certainly miss Provo, we weren't completely sad to leave because we will be back in August for Graduation and Commissioning.

The highlight from the last week though was Mitchel's excitement in being able to ride in the moving truck with Daddy.  I cannot begin to describe how he would light up and how animated he would become in telling me the stories of his trip with Daddy.  I know that he will cherish that time with his Dad and even though he might not remember it, his Dad sure will.

A piece of advice to anyone that is moving in the near future though: Penske is a great moving company!  We originally were going to rent a Uhaul truck just because that is the first company I think of when moving.  However, my best friend was telling me that when her sister-in-law  used Uhaul, it almost broke down on them a couple of times.  I asked for a free quote from Penske online and then when someone followed up with me, I received a discount of almost $75.  We didn't have any problems with the truck and it was unlimited mileage!

On the other hand, we are settled in Idaho, enjoying the different scenery and enjoying our time with family!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jackson's New Words

It is amazing how quickly kids grow!  Within the last week or so, Jackson all of a sudden decided to start talking which has been really fun.  Normally, Jackson won't let you take pictures or a video of him because he wants to see what is going on but this morning he decided to be the perfect subject....so, here is Jackson performing his new words!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hiding is so Fun to Do

One of Mitchel's  favorite things to do is to "Hide."  The funniest thing is that he really isn't very good at it.  He likes to hide but when we play like we are trying to find him, he immediately pops out of hiding!  It is so funny to watch.  Over General Conference weekend, our best friends from Mesa, the Ritchey Family, was over and so they borrowed our pack-n-play for their littlest daughter.  Well, Mitchel and Jackson found part of that pack-n-play and decided to try and hide.

Can you find them?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So the Hart Boys Love to Wrestle

What can we say?!  We just love to wrestle....or at least the boys do - I just take the pictures.  They sure have a lot of fun doing it though.  I love to see my boys having fun especially with their Dad.  It is funny how different they are when they get time with their dad!  They sure are loved!

Monday, April 14, 2008

No Nap = TIRED

This was taken some time ago but it was so cute that I had to share it.  He hadn't had a nap (back in the day when he still took naps) and was so tired that he fell alseep at the table while watching a cartoon as I made dinner.  It is just so cute!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Please Indulge....

Today was Zack's last Parade and Review for the Air Force ROTC and his last Awards Ceremony.  It was exciting to see him finally join the Commissionees as part of the Parade!  We are coming to end of our schooling, which I know each of you can relate to.  It is such a bittersweet feeling - school is ending and we will be leaving Provo behind finally although there are so many wonderful memories here.

As a part of the Awards Ceremony today, Zack received several honors....which, if you will indulge me.....I would love to brag about my husband.  He is such a wonderful man who truly LOVES his country and will be a devoted leader in the Air Force.  I cannot say enough about his work ethic and his ability to lead those who are below him.  Today he was honored with "The Commander's Outstanding Senior Award."  He was also designated with "Distinguished Graduate" which will actually follow him from the ROTC to the actual Air Force.  It will be on his records for his entire career with the Air Force (and there are very few awards that do).

In addition, he received the "Major General David Sawyer Memorial Award" for his Integrity, Love of Family and his Devotion to Country.  It was such an honor and we are so grateful to have received it.  There is a picture of it below.  It is beautiful!


Monday, April 7, 2008

The General Conference Pillow Fight

Although we LOVED General Conference, the boys were certainly tired of being cooped up for 2 days so the "Big Man" started a pillow fight....I think they got their angst out!

Our Favorite Pastime

I have decided that boys are extremely easy....It's just cars, trucks, dinosaurs, bikes, scooters, blocks and anything that is hopefully indestructible.  The Hart's favorite pastime is Matchbox cars.  We just can't get enough of them and the funny thing is, that with as many as we have, the boys can tell when one is missing.

During Conference weekend, Grandpa Hart and Uncle Joe came to visit us.  It was so fun to have them.  Jackson sure enjoyed spending time with "PaPa" as he calls him and absolutely LOVED his glasses!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Disinherited from the Will?!?!

As most of you know, I am a mother who hangs on to the curls of her little boys for as long as possible.  Mitchel was at least 18 months old before we finally cut his hair.

Zack has been adament for about the last month about cutting Jackson's hair but my batting eyes have kept the shears away from Jackson's head until the beginning of this week.  Zack and Mitchel both needed a haircut so as fate would have it, Jackson did too.  I am being a little bold right now because I haven't actually figured out a way to tell the grandparents without them disinheriting us from the will so....well, Jackson's hair has been cut!

I have to say that he has become such a little man in the last couple of days.  At first it was very weird to look at him because he didn't feel like my baby.  However, it has grown on me and I love my little boy's new look.  I was originally going to have it cut before our family pictures on March 25th but let's face it, I was too chicken.  Now, in hindsight, I wish that I had.

Since this hair-cutting expedition was a family event, Zack got into his swim trunks to keep his clothes safe from the hair....since he knows how much I love finding hair afterwards.


The Beginning....Again

I originally started a blog while we were in Chicago over last summer but it soon got put to the side. Over the last couple of months, I have had so many people ask about our blog wondering if we were still alive since it had never been updated and was just standing still. So, I finally began to revamp our blog and make it look better than it was the first time. I am new to this whole thing so let me tell you, it has taken some time and patience on my part. So, thanks to all of the committed blog readers....we are back in action and will begin adding to this blog more regularly so that we can keep in touch with you as well.